Locked in mysterious rooms! Can you escape before the countdown runs out? Groups voluntarily get themselves locked up to experience an adventure that is unique in Switzerland: Completely on their own, the group has to explore rooms, find hiding places and secret doors and find the meaning behind mysterious objects, devices and signs to finally escape before the countdown runs out! Experience a novel adventure like in a feature film or computer game now!

Duel mode
For 4 to 16 people, divided into two teams. You play against each other and at the same time. Your time, 60 minutes, is divided into 2 x 30 min. incl. a short break of approx. 5-10 minutes.

Choose from one of 3 escape games in Chur:


Children/youth under 16 years pay ½ price each.
If there is an odd number in the duel, the lower price applies.
A birthday child receives a 10% discount.
Discounts are not cumulative.