Operation Mindfall – The agent outdoor adventure in Chur!

The secret research company Spider Technologies has already infected 20% of the population of Chur with a mind control virus. Your task: Find Dr. Bergmann’s antidote, gain access to the main server and prevent the catastrophe! Set off on foot as a team of agents, armed with a valuable agent case, on a fascinating outdoor adventure through Chur’s old town.

What can you expect from Operation Mindfall?

  • Great team fun where different talents are required (puzzles, dexterity and discovery at a medium level of difficulty).
  • You will be equipped with the Actionpack and a tablet, which will guide you through the old town of Chur using the Chur map.
  • An exciting and novel adventure with many surprises and some exciting background information about Chur.

Your goals as an agent team (prebriefing)

  • Find the antivirus! To do so, follow the clues in Chur’s old town given by Dr. Bergmann, who has defected from SPIDER Tech to W.I.S.E..
  • Neutralise the virus in the Chur groundwater so that no more people are contaminated.
  • Neutralise the activation of the virus by hacking into the SPIDER Tech server and finding the secret location.

Prices incl. VAT.
Children/youth under 16 years pay ½ price each.
A birthday child receives a 10% discount.
Discounts are not cumulative.

Telephone bookings with Chur Tourism on tel. 081 254 50 60.
Under 16s only accompanied by an adult.